Friday, October 29, 2010

Riddle Me This

In an attempt to encourage audience participation on the blog, I have devised a visual game around some of the technologies I use here in Dresden.  Can you identify them from the photographs?  To allow everyone to participate without the early birds spoiling it, all comments will come to me for moderation until Monday, when I will publish them, along with the answers.


(When guessing, number the images 1-9 from upper left to lower right.)  Bon chance!


  1. Looking around.. there are photographs?

  2. Whoops! I had planned to add the photographs before this went live, but then I went out last night with the DAAD people in Dresden, and it ended up being a late night. When I get home from the Museum tonight, I'll post the photos!!

  3. 1 - The fuse box for when your squid lamp overloads the circuit in the dusty small archive room that hasn't been rewired since the war.
    2- Said squid lamp.
    3 - Your refrigerator. Or perhaps a sarcophagus-like lidded bathtub.
    4 - The foot of your sewing machine. Used for creating codices from sheaves of loose papers?
    5 - The stick shift for your purdy new sportscar. Or the driver for the microfiche reader.
    6 - Wow! Your windows are really old!
    7 - Train stile.
    8 - Can opener for your mid-morning sardine snackage.
    9 - Ketchup for your sardines. The bottle must be running low since you've got it upside down. The Germans must package it in silver bottles to prevent light corruption.

  4. I can't see picture 8. But I am pretty sure picture nine is a generator on a bicycle wheel.

  5. #1 looks like a place to scan a bus pass or credit card, or something like that. Clearly a lot of people touch it because the paint is rubbing off.

    #2 appears to be chords of some sort. I have a chord like that that comes out of my microwave.

    #3 looks like a German refrigerator.

    #5 looks like a stick shift except there is not enough room to shift it. So that doesn't make sense. But it is all I can think of.

    #6 looks like a window apparatus to keep it open a certain amount.

    #7 also looks like some place to insert a pass of some sort, like a turnstyle.

    I don't have any other guesses right now. I look forward to you posting the answers.

  6. Okay, the yellow one (#1?) looks like a place to compost a rail ticket, and the orange one (#7) looks like a metro ticket tacker. #2 Must be the cord for a shower nozzle. 8 looks like a bottle-cap opener, and 6 like a door-latch. 9 looks like a radiator knob, 3 reminds me of my hall-light (on a timer) in my Poitiers apartment. Is 5 a toaster button? I'm at a loss on 4! Looking forward to the results. Jen

  7. 1. Crosswalk "walk sign" button box
    2. Hot water pipes
    3. Old school fridge door?
    4. Ironing board
    5. "Accelerator grip" on a public tram
    6. Hinge support for a window that flips up or down (as opposed to opening sideways or vertically)
    7. Ticket reader?
    8. Almost looks like a can opener but man its gunky.
    9. Water bottle for your bike?

  8. 1. card swipey thingy like for a subway or train
    2. hoses for electrical something... not sure what, although I know I have seen them around somewhere...
    3. refrigerator door
    4. arms/legs of a foldaway chair or something collapsible.
    5. joystick for...I have no idea, a game?
    6. window prop to hold a window open a certain amount.
    7. card eating thingy like for a subway or train
    8. Deadly Implement of Doooooom! ;-)
    second guess: a can opener?
    9. A bike something, near the tire. Part of a tire pump?


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