Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Happens If You Push Her Buttons?

Fourth in the FrauDoktorDoctor line of action figures, the Medical Student comes in a short white jacket with her name embroidered on the left and four external and two internal pockets to hold all her supplies. She wears "sensible" shoes with orthotics to support her arches during the long days rounding in the hospital. (Good thing she received money for her graduation, because these were $$$.) Miniature stethoscope available in hunter green or burgundy red.

If you push the button on her back, she repeats several phrases: "Hi, I'm the medical student." "Vancomycin?" "I'm sooo tired." and "I don't know, but I will look it up!"

This figurine comes with two sets of accessories:

The Medical Student Survival Pak includes a variety of "pocket snacks" and toiletries, including ear plugs for studying (...yeah that's it, studying...) at the hospital; a Maxwell's Guide; and the latest History and Physical Exam reference book.

The Medical Student Deluxe Pak contains name tags for each hospital she rotates through; a reflex hammer; a neurological exam kit; two tuning forks (128 and 256 Hz); and a pager programmed with the loudest, most annoying beep known to humankind.

Folding whitecoat clipboard with stickers on the outside with useful information like normal lab values and how to read an EKG sold separately.

***Now get a set of matching scrubs for just $19.95! Sale ends September 1.***

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  1. 128 and 256hz tuning forks? That's too low. You should have gotten one at 440. Then I could....borrow it once in a while.


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