Friday, July 1, 2016

What Internship Looks Like VI

Welcome gifts, practically a catalogue of Pittsburgh: a Terrible Towel, Chunky Chocolate Caramel Pittsburgh Popcorn (aka "PGH crack"), the free hat I acquired at a Pirates baseball game, and a sippy cup full of candy--from the Pediatrics residents, of course. (Actually, I was less interested in the candy than the clicky pen that was attached to the ribbon. It quickly became my daily writing implement.)

Although I made a face and picked it up with two fingers when I opened the gift bag, the Terrible Towel actually supports something I do. No, not the Steelers! The gold-and-black rally rag was invented as a fan gimmick in 1975 by WTAE sports broadcaster Myron Cope. In 1996, he gave the rights to the Allegheny Valley School, which cares for his autistic son, among other individuals with developmental disabilities. I wonder if they need a resident physician...?


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