Thursday, March 30, 2017

That's So Pittsburgh: Hospitals

As a combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics resident, the only things I don't do in my training are deliver babies or perform surgery. Otherwise, I see inpatients, outpatients, consult patients, primary care, specialty care, and emergency patients. One of my clinical sites is Magee Women's Hospital, the counterpart to Presbyterian Hospital, the name of which either reflects the latter's origins as the project of a Presbyterian minister's wife OR that it was the "old men's" hospital. I've heard both explanations. Either way, MWH continues to specialize in women's health, especially in obstetrics, with ~10,000 babies born there each year. It also has an emergency department and a well-regarded orthopedic surgery department. I have worked in both the Neonatal ICU and the Newborn Nursery at Magee. Magee is one of two dozen hospitals and clinics in and around the city of Pittsburgh.

You know what else is so Pittsburgh? Banks.

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