Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A good little tree

Dear Husband (DH) and I cut down a Christmas tree every year. We like the way they look and smell, it supports a local business, and the jaunt has become a tradition in our household. Intern year I found us a family-run farm not too far from the city. I think we had a good experience. Second year I nearly lost my cell phone in the university gym beforehand, causing us to start late and arrive at dusk, in the freezing rain. We opted for a pre-cut tree at the same farm that time. This year was supposed to be different but may have been worse, because we again got started late, and while waiting for DH to return from the gas station with the cash needed to pay for the tree that I had cut down in the dark by myself, the proprietor mentioned that his son sources "their" pre-cut trees from another farm--and, presumably, marks them up 200%. I decided we won't be back, as they're already making enough money to put an addition on their home. Although we will miss the fun of tramping around to pick out the tree, next year I think we'll buy a cheaper one closer to town that benefits a Scout troop or our co-op grocery store.
Things lost during this tree-hunting trip: time, daylight, us (missed a turn), patience, the teamwork experience of sawing together, our naivete about pre-cut trees, an earring.
When we finally got the tree home, we put on Haendel's Messiah while we set it up in the bay window in our upstairs front room, where our comfy chairs and laptops are. Unsure how our new cat Rosie "The Huntress" would handle having a live tree in her space, we decided only to hang unbreakable ornaments. With plenty made of wood, yarn, straw, plastic, cloth, and beads--plus lights, garland, and a dozen candy canes--it is a very festive addition to our study. The tree is still standing, and we enjoy it every night with a steaming mug of our favorite hot beverages. Merry Christmas!

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