Monday, January 6, 2014

Nanook of the North, Part II

In Germany and Austria, Dear Husband and I enjoyed getting to know a little drink called "heisse Zitrone"--literally translated "hot lemon" but in English you might say "warm lemonade." It's a common home remedy for colds there. I ordered some in the informal vegetarian restaurant around the corner from my apartment in Dresden and in a fancy cafe in Vienna. The ingredients are simply freshly squeezed lemon juice, hot water, and sugar (or honey); sometimes also ginger and/or mint. It is generally served with the sugar on the side so the customer can add as much as s/he wants. I like mine more sour, DH more sweet.

After I got back from Germany, we started buying lemons and making our own. They're not cheap, of course, so it's really a treat: perfect for relieving cabin fever during long days stuck inside due to cold, wind, and snow.

The mugs were a wedding present from my bestie in high school, SB.
She made them herself. We use them for hot cider and heisse Zitrone.
Directions: Juice 1/2-1 lemon per serving, depending on size and your taste for tart. Meanwhile, heat water to not quite boiling. Pour juice into mug, then top with water. Sweeten to taste.
Maybe you would like to sip some while watching a silent film about my namesake for the day? Nanook of the North (1922) is one of the earliest documentary films made, and you can find it for free at the link in its name. Roger Ebert called Robert J. Flaherty's masterpiece one of the greatest films of all time. Some of the scenes are staged, yes; and the family depicted was cast that way. But the star--Inuit hunter Allarkariallak--did hunt seal and walrus (albeit with a rifle rather than the spear in the film) and did build igloos. (More than one just for this movie, as the first one was too small and dark for Flaherty's primitive video camera; they built one with three sides to allow enough room and light.) I don't know what the Inuit drink for a cold, but I know it doesn't involve lemons!

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