Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Soup to Nuts

Early in my dissertation I discuss the ubiquity of feeding beef broth to patients, and I close with some remarks on nutrition and food policy under the National Socialists. In an irreverent universe, I would entitle the book manuscript
"From Soup to Nuts: Nutrition and the Telescopic Body in Germany, 1890-1935."
But that probably won't fly at an academic press, so I'll stick with the original title, "The Politics of the Table." For your amusement, here is the table of contents in the format of an elaborate, 11-course banquet menu:

Oysters on the Half Shell

Introduction: Bodies that Eat (and Drink)

Nutrition in the Laboratory, 1890-1930

Light Meat
Feeding the Sick: Nutrition and Authority in the Clinic and the Sick Room

Cold Entrée
Under the Hygiene Eye: Nutrition at the German Hygiene Museum

Hot Entrée
How to Cook Your Vegetables, or
Ragnar Berg’s Controversy with the German Canning Industry

The Blockade and Rationing in Saxony

The Politics of the Family Table during World War I

Special Rations: How the War Came to Sick Rooms in Dresden

“I am not a taste barbarian”: Taste and Bodily Sensations during World War I

Fruit and Cheese
Nutritional Knowledge and Power in the Third Reich

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