Saturday, April 26, 2014

Run, Don't Walk, to Your Local Farm Breakfast

These little kids are long-eared Nubians.
That's right: it's time for goat breakfasts again! (Click for last year's post.) I was able to dodge the marathon foot traffic and traffic blocks to pick up a friend and drive to the far edge of town for what has rapidly become a local institution. There we bumped into some acquaintances and had a delicious meal together. We couldn't have picked better weather.

This is the simplified menu for the month. I eat a lot of oatmeal, yogurt, and pancakes, so I chose the sandwich, which was stuffed with flavors. And messy. Which we decided any really quality sandwich should be.

The buzz in the line was about the "gougeres" listed on the menu: it turns out these are puff balls filled with (goat) cheese instead of cream or pudding. Like the goat's milk hot chocolate, they are better warm than cold. The drinks this morning were waaay strong and required a cup of water to chase down all that chocolate.

A.S. opted for the quiche, which was gooey and delicious once they finally served it. Due to technical difficulties orders from the front of the house for quiche weren't printing in the kitchen. Apparently it was worth the wait!

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  1. The day was beautiful and the farm smell fresh. I wouldn't recommend the oatmeal. Wish I had waited for the quiche


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