Sunday, October 5, 2014

She's Got the Whole World in Her Hands

Today was World Communion Sunday in the United Methodist Church, when we celebrate how communion connects Christians through time and space. You may remember that last year, the creative worship committee RuacH outdid themselves in decorating the altar. That time I danced "Many the Gifts" with two other people.

This year, they decorated the altar with bread, grapes, and dolls from around the world: Thailand, Holland, Guatemala, Japan, Ukraine, and the United State. They asked me to "dance in" the globe during the introit at the start of the service. While the choir sang "Kum Ba Yah," I twirled and curtsied down the aisle, holding the globe by its astrolabe so that it spun with my momentum. Eventually I set it on the stand, gave it a spin, and danced my way out again.

In the middle above you can see my Czech Anna doll in a red skirt and black apron.

Left are parts of my costume. This morning I realized I hadn't given much thought to what to wear. However, earlier this year I inherited my paternal grandparents' Bohemian kroje (click for blog post). So I pulled them out, did a little mixing and matching, and asked friends on facebook to vote for their favorite. By popular consensus, I wrote the usual white leotard and long skirt, with a ribbon sash and a super fancy, beaded and buttoned red vest (back shown here). I also pinned the yellow ribbon over my ponytail.

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