Monday, December 1, 2014

French-Fried Deliciousness

Facing the prospect of a bunch of green beans and broccoli going bad before we could eat them--usually steamed or fried in sesame oil at our house--I decided to try them in an old American classic: green bean casserole. Most of the recipes online called for canned beans and a package of french fried onions, but not being a big fan of preservatives--and having a whole onion in the refrigerator--I decided to make my own french-fried deliciousness.

The recipe I used called for slicing the onion thinly, soaking in milk, and then dredging through flour. I spiced the flour liberally with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I probably could have used more sunflower seed oil, but oh well. The results came out light, fluffy, and very tasty. They went well with the vegetables, which I chopped and mixed with a can of cream of celery soup and a little milk.

Here you can see the dinner we had them with: kohlrabi fritters with mint yogurt dressing and simple egg noodles. I tried keeping a few onion rings until the next day, but they were disappointing, even after being reheated in the microwave. Likewise, the casserole was less appetizing the more we ate it. I think I would only make it again if it were for a party and would be assured of being eaten in one sitting.

Is green bean casserole a tradition in your family? How do you like it?

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