Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't burn the bacon!

If you use the internet with any frequency, you are probably familiar with Pusheen, a plump gray cat with tiny paws and a striped tail. He has many emotions, but one of the web's favorite is "laziness." Amazingly, Pusheen gets even lazier when he meets a sloth:

 When Pusheen meets a sloth

I have also recently met a sloth, but he had the opposite effect on me as on Pusheen: this sloth is inspiring me to greater the kitchen! My youngest brother wanted to exchange gifts by local artists this Christmas, so at my farmers/holiday market I purchased him a book about French impressionists re-purposed as a drawing journal. He bought me Henri the Chef, a dapper sloth in an apron having a minor culinary disaster. I got the painting matted and framed, and it now hangs in our kitchen, reminding us not to forget whatever is cooking on the stove.

Henri comes from the series Sloths Are Bad at Things by artist Megan Jones. Click the series title to go to the tumblr for images of sloths failing at fishing, reporting, selling flowers, and playing tennis. You can find more of Megan's whimsical art if you click here and purchase some of it here.

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