Thursday, September 3, 2015

Muesli Burgers

The summer I spent at the Goethe Institute in Göttingen, Germany, I cooked many of my own meals to save money. Once I inherited a partial bag of muesli from someone who moved out. Not only did I learn to love muesli with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, but out of culinary boredom I concocted a dinner entree out of ground pork, an egg, and some muesli. Measure by eye and mix with your hands. Form into patties and cook in a little hot oil. Goes well with buttered noodles and sauteed broccoli with butter and oregano, or any of the following combinations.

For lunch I topped a burnt burger with Polly Jane's raspberry bounce jam I purchased from the farmers market this past weekend. It is made with chardonnay (for "bounce") and comes with the following endorsement: "Rich raspberry flavor that pairs well with everything. Really." And she's right! I also attempted a kohlrabi and carrot slaw with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and the lemon-ginger dressing that has become my go-to seasoning while in Madison for the month. I can't say it was entirely a success, so if it hasn't improved by marinating, I might have to get creative. For dessert: mandarin oranges.

For dinner one night I stayed traditional and served myself a muesli burger with boiled potato and stir-fried green beans seasoned with--you guessed it!--Lemon-Ginger Sauce. Also good on kale and green salad.

The tap water, btw, tastes funny. But I'm too cheap to buy water at the grocery store, so I just suck it up.

I offered a muesli burger to one of the student interns here. In lieu of a bun and some ketchup, he toasted some bread and added spinach, Italian dressing, and Monterey Jack cheese. I probably would have held the Italian dressing (or used Lemon-Ginger Sauce [j/k]), but he pronounced the combination delicious.

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