Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Internship Looks Like

I have finally ended my long-running series, What Medical School Looks Like and opened a new series on my blog, What Internship Looks Like. As before, it will feature absolutely no patients, and probably no images from inside an actual hospital. I mean, you all already know exactly what that looks like from [ER / Scrubs / Grey's Anatomy], right? Instead, I try to document around the edges, showing how a medical student develops into a clinician. Okay, let's be honest, thus far it's mostly a catalog of places I have studied. I don't know what internship looks like either, so let's find out together.

Sometimes it looks like meeting my new Med-Peds colleagues at a local hot spot. From left to right: J.P. (he later turned up in the flesh), M.K., K.E., J.T.


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