Saturday, June 18, 2016

Think Globally. Eat Locally.

Now available: FrauDoktorDoctor Co-op Member! (Doubles as Farmers-Market Shopper!)

Dressed in practical but stylish reverse layers, she is ready to walk the aisles, squeeze the fruit, and compare prices. Her reusable tote bag made in a humane, producer-owned workshop in a small village in the Global South from sustainably sourced raw materials comes pre-stocked with her co-op membership card, coupons in whole-dollar amounts, and Love for Earth reusable nylon mesh produce bags. She accessorizes with a colorful woven headband from Nepal.

You may also be interested in Biker Graduate Student and Card-Carrying Union Member. Please note that The Dissertator and Medical Student have been discontinued. Watch this space for Med Peds Intern (coming soon).

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