Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Previous FrDrDr Halloween posts have included a spooky Lego mansion and a vampire wombat. This year's post is more of a photo essay. If you'd like to read something substantial, I highly recommend the humor piece "It's Decorative Gourd Season."

Dear Husband and I started celebrating with a pumpkin-carving party at a fellow pediatric intern's house. It was a mild night, so they dragged the big-screen television up from the basement so we could watch THE Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Wisconsin Badgers while eating pumpkin kettlecorn and drinking pumpkin beer or pumpkin mimosas or spiced/spiked hot apple cider. The host and hostess provided several books of designs and those little tool kits. Designs included a bat, a cat face, a silly face whose errant pupil was "fixed" with a toothpick, the word "creepy," and a uterus (by the ob/gyn resident in attendance).

The next weekend Dear Husband helped me spread spiderwebs on our front porch, complete with a giant hairy arachnid on the door, and plant skeleton parts in the ivy along the front walk.

Neither of us was home for Beggars' Night, DH having left town to visit his family, and I coming home late-ish after the first day on a new service. Besides which, our jack-o-lanterns had succumbed to fungus the prior weekend, so I didn't even put them out. Here they are in their glowing glory with some of the other carvings. Mine is the free-handed bat; DH made a traditional face. The other ones were made with stencils.

If you look closely, you can see that mine had stripes of green and white mold growing in it, while DH's had developed fuzzy white cataracts, because "It's Rotting Decorative Gourd Season,"

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