Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Internship Looks Like XVII: Partnership

"Welcome back to Mike's Deli[.] I'm Pierre-Bear, your server. Tonight's repast is Turkey Club Sandwich with chips, plum and gherkin. It's in the refridgerator. Enjoy! Pierre Bear."

Seems like Dear Husband left the Bear in charge of the kitchen while he went to choir practice.

It's nice to have a partner to grocery shop / cook while I'm at work, to register our cars, to be at home when repair people come, and so on. I feel guilty about working long days at the hospital, only to come home for a half-hour dinner before writing notes or studying until I collapse into bed. So I've tried to prioritize my days off: more chores and fun things together, less studying (and less time to blog about it!).


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