Friday, February 24, 2017

What Internship Looks Like XXXII: Iron Guts

Sometimes internship looks like dressing up for team-theme days. Around Fourth of July many of us defaulted to red-white-and-blue. It's common for the color teams to dress in their name sake (check out silver bow ties on the Platinum team!). One week the medical students and interns dressed in the skinny jeans and cardigan of the senior resident, who donned the blue button-up shirt and long white coat of the attending physician. This week the Neurology team paid homage to the current attending's predilection for ordering iron studies on all his patients by dressing up like "iron." I wore grey slacks, a brown shirt, and this red-orange-yellow tie-die scarf to represent the gastritis that can be caused by taking iron supplements on an empty stomach. This is me being inordinately pleased at our cleverness.


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