Sunday, February 19, 2017

Going to CH_RCH in Pittsburgh

As I mentioned in a previous blog post about going to church here in Pittsburgh, Dear Husband and I are "church shopping" until he gets a permanent position. One Sunday while driving home after worship, we tried to name all the places of worship we have visited so far. The following two exchanges took place:

DH: [Counting on his fingers.] Redeemer and Memorial...
FrDrDr: [Driving.] Cavalry!
DH: No, that one's out in the suburbs--
FrDrDr: Where they have room for the horses--
DH: And laxer gun laws.
FrDrDr: Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

[A short while later.]
FrDrDr: I haven't been to the UUU church.
DH: The UUU church?
FrDrDr: I mean the UU church.
DH: That's because it was missing "U."

Over lunch we sat down and mapped them all out. Click on a blue marker to find the name of the congregation and the arrow to close the sidebar.

The photograph above is of one of the several stunning stained-glass windows at Northmont Presbyterian Church (the blue marker on Rte. 19 in the northwest corner of the map). Unfortunately, I have since forgotten the name of the local, 20th-century artist, and the church has taken down the history of the windows from its new, modernized website. This one illustrates John the Baptist's baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Its colors were even more gorgeous in daylight. I also wish I could share with you my pic of the stained glass window in the UCC church downtown (click above the b in "Pittsburgh") depicting President Abraham Lincoln's visit to the city, but it got corrupted in my phone. Needless to say, our peripatetic Sunday mornings have allowed us to ogle all manner of church decorations, from stained glass windows to painted domes, and from Advent calendars to wooden buttresses. I was particularly fond of the handmade quilts adorning the walls of the UU church (hiding in the central cluster of markers). The one to the left by Annie Stenton is called "Garden of Friends."

Here are other blog posts related to church in Pittsburgh: one about World(wide) Communion Sunday and one about Beulah Church and Cemetery.

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