Thursday, June 22, 2017

That's So Pittsburgh: Kennywood Amusement Park

Finally with some vacation at the end of the academic year, about 1/3 of the Pediatric residents decided to have a day at Pittsburgh's famous Kennywood amusement park (est. 1898). We rode a variety of roller coasters (sometimes more than once), spinning rides, and water rides; cheered each other in the carnival games; and ate fair food (funnel cake, ice cream, chicken fingers/fries, lemonade, burgers). While standing in line, we watched the daredevils who had paid extra money for the Skycoaster "free fall" ride, chatted about past and future rotations, and compared childhood experiences of visiting amusement parks. Yes, the pediatricians even rode the carousel. My favorite ride was either the Sky Rocket, a modern looping roller coaster, or the Racer, a wooden coaster with side-by-side tracks. "My" car won the race, and I may have yelled "See ya later!" to the losing car as we passed them in the home stretch. My least favorite was the Thunderbolt, another old coaster that jostled too much. The funny story about the ride pictured to the left is that when we rounded the corner and saw that there was no line for it, we all agreed to give it a try, without much of an idea of what it actually did, which was to swing so far and so high that--at the apex--you were above horizontal, staring down at the ground very far below you. Needless to say, some of us expressed pure terror at that part! All in all, an excellent day of camaraderie marred by neither rain nor sunburn. Even the humidity was bad but not unbearable; and the rainy forecast likely kept away some of the crowds.

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