Saturday, January 19, 2019

Wearable art from CSVS Designs

I know such talented people! My college suitie has started her own business upcycling costume jewelry into retro-glam home and personal accessories: CSVS Designs. I recently acquired three pieces from her: a knit headband with butterflies, a green and real cuff bracelet, and a white enamel necklace with a jewelled floral pin decoration. The last one has becone my go-to statement piece, because while I probably would not worn either piece alome, together they go with so many of my existing outifts. One day I received 3-4 compliments, including from men and strangers. Here are some of the ways I have worn it.

She also makes picture frames, handbags, and wall art. Her prices are totally reasonable, and she ships around the country. What is more, she does this in between gigs as a violist and mother to two small boys. I am so proud of her.

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