Monday, December 24, 2018

What I got for Xmas this year: TIXXX

Tickets #1: Dear Husband and I treated ourselves to a fancy dinner and then a show at Heinz Hall: Händel's Messiah. The Mendelssohn Choir and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra have been performing this work together for years, and it shows. I teared up a couple of times before intermission from the beauty of the music. Some of the conductor's choices of what to leave in and what to cut were a little eccentric, but we really enjoyed the whole production, and especially the counter-tenor who sung the alto parts so effortlessly.

Tickets #2: The next week we treated ourselves to Randy Rainbow's first touring show. He sang along to some of his videos, took questions from the audience, and then released his latest comedic mashup. It was okay, but I've already watched most if not all of his YouTube videos. I was hoping to hear him sing something else--Broadway, maybe--while others in the audience laughed (again) at the jokes. It wasn't amazing, but I'm not sorry we went.

Tickets #3: The next weekend we extended our range to John Waters' "Holier & Dirtier," a stand-up routine hosted in Pittsburgh by the Andy Warhol Museum. Apparently he's been touring for a couple of years and always stops here. Acquaintances of ours happened to be seated across the hall from each other, and they had attended the first two years, but the jokes were too similar, so they waited a couple years to buy tickets again. It was definitely R-rated and sometimes offensive content, but now we can say we've seen this Baltimore icon in person.

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