Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowy Postcard

Some of you have gotten more snow than you would like, and some of you have gotten less. This snowy postcard is for the latter group. Thursday just after 4pm, it started hailing noisy little pellets that made the streets and rooftops white. Then the big fat snowflakes started. By the time darkness had fallen, we had received a good 2-3 inches. Friday some melted, but then temps dove back into the 20s F, so we've got just enough of the white stuff for backyards to be pretty and sidewalks to be a mess.

Here are two shots out our front windows from Friday morning, before DH shoveled and before the streets were plowed.

There's a double-wide driveway somewhere under there...

Now that most of my departmental committee work is done, I should have some time to finish composing the posts about my trip to Germany. Consider this a placeholder until then. Wherever you are, stay warm and safe!

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