Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Christmas Tea, Oh Christmas Tea! Week 2-ish

Here is the second installment in this year's Advent tea odyssey. Click here for Week 1 and Week 3.

Day 9 ~ "Organic cinnamon rooibos chai" ~ a caffeine-free tea. I like rooibos a lot, but chai not so much; turns out I couldn't tell the difference. Dear Husband likes chai and thought this one was pretty good; here is the image he texted me of "us" enjoying his mug of tea together.

Day 10 ~ "Organic Nepal black" ~ a black tea with medium caffeine I drank with a little half and half.

Day 11 ~ "Hot chocolate" ~ a pu'erh tea with medium caffeine. If you have never heard of pu'erh tea before, it's a kind of fermented dark tea that originated in Yunnan Province, China. Smells and tastes delicious! To the right you can see DH blowing on his steaming mug.

Day 12 ~ "Organic: the spice is right" ~ a green tea with low caffeine. Reminded me of Bengal Spice.

Day 13 ~ "Buddha's blend" ~ a medium-caffeine white tea that smelled like peaches. I liked this one, as you can see below.

Day 14 ~ "Alpine punch" ~ a caffeine-free rooibos that smelled of...coconut? No,...cherry. Either way, delicious.

Day 15 ~ "Honey, I dew" ~ a low-caffeine white tea that smelled and tasted of honey dew melon. DH's least favorite selection.

Day 16 ~ "Organic Japanese sencha" ~ a green tea with medium caffeine.

It's not really Christmas until you break out the holiday mugs!

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