Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

In 2015 we said a number of goodbyes to...
Our church's senior pastor, to retirement. I was continually grateful that Wes felt confident enough in his preaching ability and in the congregation's talents to "share the pulpit." That included allowing a handful of us to start a creative worship team to brainstorm readings, liturgical dance, sanctuary decorations, etc. He even admitted me to his Sermon Dream Team, who read his draft(s) each week and offered suggestions. Mine mostly consisted of encouragement to make his thesis clearer and/or rearrange paragraphs. Wes was very good natured about it. When I finally thought I had the time to take his Disciple I class in my third year of medical school, we kept each other amused by sparring good naturedly about historical and literary interpretations of the Bible.
  • My sister-in-law's mother, to breast cancer. She fought long and hard and will be fondly remembered.

My maternal grandmother, to old age. On facebook I wrote that I was "bereft of one amazing grandmother. I bear her name as my middle name; I make sure it's there on all my presentations and publications: Ann. She was sharp as a whip, a strong woman who raised four children, a loving wife, a librarian who introduced me to some of my favorite books. I will always remember your wry sense of humor, Grammy Benbow. xoxo" That's how she used to sign cards to us: xoxoxo.
  • The University's Chancellor, to scandal. Also the Provost. And the Head Football Coach.
Our church's associate pastor, to reassignment. I will always remember Brad for his moving portrayal of Joseph as a fleshed out man and husband-to-be in the Christmas pageant he wrote. His joy at being engaged to Mary soured into abject disappointment. I think I cried both times this play was performed. I also appreciated Brad's willingness to talk about contemporary politics in another Christmas pageant, which looked at Mary and Joseph as teenaged immigrants oppressed by their society. Here we are being unintentionally photobombed by one of Brad's favorite waiters at his favorite Mexican restaurant.
  • Michael's car, to dead brakes, springs, and struts. Good-bye, 1997 Chevy Malibu! So what if your replacement is a 2004 Chevy Malibu with working heat and AC, a CD player, and butt-warmer seats. It's not personal.

Please note the blue milk jug ring he has so expertly subdued.

If this post was too much of a downer, check out my list of "rememberlutions"--good things that happened in 2015.

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