Sunday, April 30, 2017

Boston is for Art-Lovers

I managed to snag two days off from the ICU to fly to Boston for my favorite biennial conference for MD PhDs in the social sciences and humanities. I gave a historically inflected auto-ethnography about "Feeding My Husband with Cancer."

While there I got to see two of my favorite people, one of whom kindly let me crash on his futon. We then visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to take in the Matisse in the Studio exhibition. It paired objects from Henri's personal collection with the pieces of art in which they are featured or which they inspired: for instance, ewers, vases, oriental screens, and Ottoman furniture. He was a lover of exotica from Asia, Africa, and Islamic cultures. My two favorite pieces were the "organic" paper cut-out on the left and the intricate, hand-sewn screen on the right.

Left: David Chihuly palm/fern tree made out of green blown glass in the MFA atrium.

Dinner was a fancy sushi place called  Crudo. Delicious! It would have been even better if they had brought my friend the salad he ordered the first time, and if they had had a working soap dispenser in the one bathroom. Nevertheless, we had a delightful time and then walked through the North End to get me on the T to the airport. See ya later, BeanTown!

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