Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Internship Looks Like XXXVIII: If you give an intern a stack of LGBT flyers...

...she will need a manila folder.
When she tries to file it in the hanging folder holder, she will decide the folders need organized.
When she organizes the folders, she will discover the Advanced Directives folder is empty.
If she can't find Advance Directives forms in any of the rooms, she and the social worker will search online until they find one.
If she prints out one, she will have to copy/collate/staple a whole pile.
When she refills the folder, she will decide she needs to label the bin.
Once she makes one label with the label maker, she will realize how much fun it is to make lots of labels.

 * * *
And that's how the hanging bins at the back of the clinic got organized during a slow morning. Of course I wanted a cookie when I was done.

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