Wednesday, April 12, 2017

That's So Pittsburgh: Gardening on a Hill

This is what our rear garden looks like. It's a raised bed behind our rented townhouse that the last several tenants have allowed to grow wild. Our nextdoor neighbor says the last owner of the house was a woman who had a beautiful garden until she grew too old to keep it up. I dislike gardening and don't feel strongly about keeping up the landlord's property, so when we moved in I pulled out the worst of the weeds, planted my garden art, and left it like that. Am I contributing to urban blight? And then two lone tulips sprouted defiantly.

Editor's note: I write about gardens with some regularity, sometimes with humor, more pictures, and/or garden art. The second link is to the first of a three-part series.


  1. If you want suggestions on easy/pretty things to do with that space, you know I have a ton.

    Strawberries, in my experience, are no maintenance, evergreen, like to spread like weeds, and give you delicious strawberries. You can't go wrong :)

  2. That is a brilliant idea. There's a garden expo coming up and I was planning to purchase some flowering ground cover. If they don't have strawberries, I wonder where to get them?


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