Wednesday, March 7, 2018

St. Petersburgh, Part the First

The last three days of vacation were devoted to  a variety of day trips. On Wednesday, we took a day trip to St. Petersburg to visit two art museums, one new and the other established. The first was the Imagine Museum, opened just two months ago and still a work in progress with the labeling. (You didn't have to be a Grammar Nazi like me to notice all the misplaced or missing commas, but it helped.) Imagine Museum is an entire museum dedicated to the American art glass movement since the 1960s. The museum name reflects their out-sized institutional goals (complete with "inspiring" quotations on the gallery walls), but it has a truly impressive collection. I've shared some of our favorites with you.

Martin Lipofsky (1938-2016), "Seattle Series #2" (1990) 

Mark Peiser (1988- ), "Etude Tableau #6" (2015) 

Dale Chihuly (1941- ), "7-part Seaform Set" (1997)

 Daniel Dailey (1947- ), "Erudite" (2011)
We decided this "erudite" fellow was an undergraduate student wearing golden talismans from his classes: an Erlenmeyer flask for Chemistry, a hieroglyph for Egyptian history, what may have been a guitar fret, and maybe a pipe for blowing glass-?

Toots Zynsky (1951- ),  Tempestoso (2016) and ?
These were some of our favorite pieces. The sheets of glass are made of thin filaments fused together. The one on the left looks like both a whale's tail and the splash it might leave.

Jon Kuhn (1949- ), "Harvest Sun"[?]
Most of the pictures I took of the labels didn't come out, but I think I got the title correct.

This was one of our favorite pieces, because of the way that the clear glass flower stands out among the other colors and forms. I wish the label hadn't come out fuzzy.

This is part of a larger piece called "White Bamboo Wall" (2016) by Barbara Moore (1960- ). 
It combines both bamboo and orchids in such a way that I could look it at every day.

Shelley Muzylowski Allen, "Toward the East" (2016) 

 Eric Hilton (1927- ) and James Allen, "Dancing Cells" (2016)
This is a multimedia exhibit of glass, mirrors, and a video projected onto embedded screens.

Vivian Wang, "Cat" (2016)
This was one of DH's favorite pieces.

Rear: Kathleen Mulcahy (1952- ), "Eclipse" (2016)
Front: Brent Kee Young (1946- ), "Cubism V aka Western Tribute...
Aries, from the Matrix Series" (2016)

Me + crab, Me = satisfied (Yelp: 11 Chicks)

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