Monday, March 26, 2018

What Residency Looks Like XX: Four for Four

My residency program accepts four trainees each year, and since it's a four-year program, there are sixteen of us at any one time, plus or minus partners, children, and pets. Each June we take a "class picture" at the summer picnic. For Christmas this year I asked My Awesome Parents for a custom frame from an Etsy shop called Rustic Springs. I requested Pitt/UPMC colors of weathered navy blue on the outer frame and rustic weathered gold on the inner frame. (The Children's Hospital color is purple, which I thought would look over the top.) It's sort of like an Advent calendar for my time in residency: when I receive the final photo, we will have started our final year together. I finally got around to hanging it up and think it looks great!


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