Monday, February 1, 2016

Herdy Gerdy Foomty Boom! [Trans.: I love Swedish Meatballs!]

Last year for a holiday party, I brought store-bought Swedish meatballs: hot and tasty with a minimum of prep. With their creamy gravy sauce, they were a big hit!

Dear Husband craved some this winter, but all he could find at the grocery store were frozen Italian meatballs. We decided to jerry rig the meal, so he got those, and I found a recipe for the appropriate sauce. I did buy a jar of lingonberries just for this purpose, but as for noodles, I simply used what we had in the cupboard, which was bow ties.

Pros: the meal took "just" a busy half an hour to prepare, what with baking the meatballs, boiling the noodles, stirring the sauce, and even throwing together a green salad.

Cons: although I had followed the recipe, the sauce was just too thin for our tastes (even after adding the last 1/4 cup of sour cream in a vain effort to thicken it up a bit). DH suggested adding more flour next time, which I think I'll do.

Børk, børk, børk!
(Click for some original Chef clips "subtitled" in Swedish.)

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