Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dear Husband!

Action shot! R.M.'s lilac ball flies into the hole
overseen by a ceramic frog.
For Dear Husband's birthday, we went putputting with some new friends at Kniess Miniature Golf. We chose the "green and brown" classic course (the other course has a transportation theme and moving parts). The holes were sufficiently difficult to keep the game interesting for over an hour, and the landscaping is beautiful and well maintained. Each hole had what I think is supposed to be a vacation theme--they were very essentialistic: a "Maya" station, a "Mexican" stop, an "Old Cowboy West" hole, a cabin in the woods with "Native American" decorations, a fishing boat, etc.

Water feature at the first hole.

Dear Husband watches a ball down the three-stages of the homesteading hole.

Some "wildlife."
The "East Asian" zen garden.

The well-traveled golfers.

Afterward DH and I crossed the street for some cold Dairy Queen treats, then took ourselves downtown to find the Five Guys for burgers and cajun fries at Market Square. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with L., S., and R. and eating freshly baked bread. DH worried that he might not see this birthday, but he did, and it's been great to celebrate together.

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