Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Internship Looks Like IX: Bathrooms, Take 1

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't be posting from inside the hospital, but I am just so taken by these handwashing stations that I had to share. Behold, the hands-free three-in-one sink you didn't know you were waiting for: the spigot on the left is for soap, the middle one squirts water, and on the right is an air hand dryer. Unintended consequence: there still need to be paper towels in the bathroom, because the door opens inward, and otherwise your hands-free clean hands would get dirty as soon as you touched the door handle to leave. Being stuck in this bathroom with no paper towels would be a germaphobe's worst nightmare.



  1. A waste paper basket needs also to be by the door, so when you use the paper towel to turn the door handle you don't need to have mastered a Stephan Currie 3-point shot to dispose of the towel.

  2. They took away the paper towels in the restrooms where I work and installed very loud hand dryers to "save energy" Some people use toilet paper to grab the door handle. I wish they would remove the door.

  3. Or they could reverse the hinges so you can just lean against the door to open it outward without having to turn a handle. And/or install an automatic or push-button door opener. All more ADA friendly and sanitary options.


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