Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Internship Looks Like XIII: Picnicking in front of the tv

Sometimes internship looks like picnicking in front of the television on your day off.

Because we can't get our couch up the narrow stairs in the townhouse we are renting, there's no good place to sit to watch television except the floor.

This is the first dinner I have prepared since I can remember. Literally. If I'm not working late call (home at 8pm), I like to go for a swim, or else I have continuity clinic; in both cases I get home just in time to eat. Dear Husband has been so wonderful about planning a weekly menu, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. I'm spoiled so rotten I've already lost two toes to gangrene.

Tonight we had Italian wedding soup, kohlrabi slaw, tomatoes, and crackers. The feature was Pittsburgh From the Air II: Seasons of Change. This hour-long WQED documentary DH checked out of the local library featured scenes from Western Pennsylvania in autumn and spring, accompanied by minimal narration and a jazzy, easy-listening soundtrack. It's the kind of thing that plays on loop in tourist centers, or that runs on public television during pledge time. The library apparently doesn't have a copy of the summer/winter episode; maybe we'll buy one and donate it. At any rate, the shots were a postcard-perfect introduction to this new place where we live. See also Monday's post for hilltop vistas of the Burgh.


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