Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Is Love?

Some people don't bother to fix vegetables when eating by themselves but dutifully prepare them if their partner puts them on the menu the night they cook. And sometimes they defy expectations and are even creative about it, fixing delightful salads with all manner of nuts, berries, fruits, and chopped veggies.

One night this week it was Dear Husband's turn to cook. I happened to be away all day on campus, forgot my phone at home, and managed--oh so brilliantly--to dial my number from the office phone when trying to call him to say I wouldn't be home to eat before my evening meeting.

The pop singer Haddaway asked in his 1993 hit, What is love? It's a salad waiting for you to get home for dinner, still sitting forlornly on the table when you walk in at 9:30pm that night. (But love is not, apparently, a fork with which to eat said salad. I guess it takes a real commitment to get utensils in a relationship.)

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