Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What We Saw

Here are some photos from our day of vacation during our recent trip to San Francisco. Most important, I finally got to see and stand in the Pacific Ocean! I can cross that off my bucket list.

From a distance we saw Alcatraz Island, home of a military prison as early as 1868, a federal prison (1933-1963), and an occupation by Indians of All Tribes (IAT) (1969-1971). Maybe next time we'll take a ferry cruise to it.

Murals in the Mission District -->
(from Sunday before dinner)

What we didn't see:
We had hoped to see the Camera Obscura at Cliff House, but it had apparently closed early due to a really wicked wind that was blowing by the time we made it from Muir Woods to the Land's End look-out point (check out DH's pants in the photo; also, that's why I'm holding onto my sunglasses above).

We also didn't get any closer to the Sutro Baths than the top of the hill, since the wind was so bracing, and we needed to get across the bay to Oakland in time for the baseball game. The Baths were once the world's largest indoor swimming pool complex: 1 fresh-water pool, 6 salt-water pools of various temperatures, a travel museum, a concert hall, and later an ice-skating rink. The complex burned in 1966 and is now a favorite haunt for locals and tourists alike. Click here for a photography project.

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