Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What We Ate

Editor's note: The following is just a sampling of what we ate on our San Francisco vacation. These are not in the order in which they were consumed, nor were they consumed all in the same day!

Breakfast: Lemon Blintz with Creme Fraiche from Crepes on Cole. Kinda pricey but organic and yummy. Dear Husband had French Toast with Fruit, which he thought was better than the short stack of pancakes he'd had the day before.

Lunch: Paninis from Il Piccolo in Sausalito. In retrospect I agree with one of the reviewers on Google: best view in town, but poor food and over-priced. DH's mozarella and basil panini was fine, but my veggie one was still cold in the center. The second half, which I stashed in my purse for latter, tasted better once the bread had cooled and the patty had warmed up.

Dinner #1: Argentinian pockets of warmed meaty or cheesy goodness from Venga Empanadas in the Mission District. Also a tossed salad and a tamarind soda. DH had beef, while I chose spinach (below).

Dinner #2: One night after the conference, several of us rode the cable cars down to Boudin's on Fisherman's Wharf, where a gal pal and I shared seafood chowder in a sour dough bread bowl (below). In addition to a restaurant and cafe, they also have a small (free!) museum on their famous sour dough bread, whose start goes back to 1849 and was rescued by the family matriarch from the earthquake in 1906. (Click here for some stunning period photographs.)

Dinner #3: finally, our ballpark food. DH got a Coliseum Dog, which was "better than average." He scarfed it down right quick, because we had waited until after the first-inning rally to get dinner. Having read a positive review in a local free newspaper on the BART on our way to the game, I opted for the pricey Ribs & Things BBQ; it is, according to multiple sources, the only thing worth your money at the stadium. Thankfully we didn't use very much of our money, as each of our $12 seats came with a $6 food coupon. The potato salad and bread were okay, but the pork tips were a little burnt, and the sauce wasn't sweet enough to my taste. In retrospect I wondered if the food staff looked at me funny for ordering the pork while wearing my scarf like so (the warmest get-up I could devise, as we were seriously under-dressed for as cold as the weather had turned: it was in the 30s!).

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