Saturday, May 3, 2014

Introducing: Call for Food-Themed Poetry!

When science meets art, amazing things can happen. Have you ever wondered what the inside of an artichoke looked like? Or a cactus? Well wonder no longer, as over at the Inside Insides blog, Andy Ellison posts clips of fruits, vegetables, and plants going through an MRI machine. The images are ghostly, beautiful, puzzling, and sometimes just weird. I think they lend themselves to a little bit of doggerel, or maybe a pensive haiku, depending on your mood. Here at Frau Doktor Doctor, I invite you to send in a short poem to go with one of Andy's gifs.

I think you should check out the blog itself, but for starters I've picked out a few posts:

InsideInsides: Corn

InsideInsides: Grapes

InsideInsides: Banana Flower

InsideInsides: Cherimoya*

With your permission, the poem will then be published here. But don't worry, your submission can be anonymized if you wish!

*No idea what a cherimoya looks like IRL? No worries: Susan at Food Blogga describes them as "the king of fruits".

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