Friday, May 16, 2014

Open Mouth, Insert BBQ

With family in town for graduation, I wanted to share good times over good food with them. I also didn't want to have to cook for so many! After running errands and doing chores on Friday, I thought we should refresh ourselves with the best BBQ in town: Black Dog. This place has such a great reputation that there would be a line out the door, if the staff would let you hold the door open. Instead, we put our name on the pad of paper inside and waited in the (partial) sun outside.

An hour later, we were seated at a high top. We had scoped out the food menu while waiting, and all that remained was to decide on a couple of beers. Before long, four metal trays appeared bearing our orders. For the folks, beef brisket with hot Texas sauce, pulled chicken sandwich with Carolina sauce, and sweet potato fries. Here's my pulled pork sandwich with mild Georgia peach sauce and cornbread. I got the slaw on top as recommended; everyone else ate theirs on the side.

I thought the cole slaw was acceptable, but I like Native Foods' herbed sweet potato fries better. I thought the menu was short on vegetables, but I guess folks come here for the meat and carbs, eh? Word to the wise: even the cornbread had meat in it!

Dear Husband had wanted a pulled rib sandwich, but they were already out, so he scored a famous burnt ends sandwich. If he looks happy in this photograph, it's because he's finally wrapped his fingers around a steaming pile of meat and bread. I couldn't capture the ecstasy on his face after he took his first bite: it broke my camera.

Happy birthday, Dad!


  1. I noticed the dearth of vegetables when I ate lunch at Black Dog. At least they had applesauce as a side item.

    Holly Hirchert

    1. Exactly! Applesauce and slaw seem to be the plant-food options. (I'm counting potatoes as starches.)


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