Saturday, April 30, 2016

FrDrDr Action Figure, Conference Edition

The FrauDoktorDoctor line of action figures has expanded to five with the long-awaited addition of the Conference Goer! This doll comes with a name badge and an empty tote bag to fill with hotel pens, business cards, and flyers from publishers that you're just going to throw away once you get home. Conference bag starter kit available separately (what's in YOUR bag?).

We no longer offer paper programs; instead, we invite you to download our nifty conference app, which lets you mark the papers you want to hear, map out the closest restroom, and rate the bars/restaurants you visit with friends and colleagues.

IN ADDITION, every conference-worthy outfit needs a scarf with which you can accessorize any suit, patterned skirt, or pair of skinny jeans you want. Fringed scarf comes in paisley teal, fire-engine red, blue-green, and tie-dye red. Let us pick one for you.

Other student action figures include Biker Graduate StudentCard-Carrying Union MemberThe Dissertator, and--for a limited time only--Medical Student, which is being discontinued and replaced by Med Peds Intern (coming soon).


I recently attended a history of medicine conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was great to catch up with so many friends and colleagues. After the conference ended I decided to check out the make-shift memorial to Prince at the First Avenue concert venue just a block and a half from the hotel, so I checked Google Maps on my phone and energetically set off in the wrong direction for 10 minutes. I finally figured out my mistake and retraced my steps, but by that point I didn't have time to treat myself to lunch before returning the rental car at the airport, so I just snapped a couple photos, one of the singer's star on the wall, the other of my impression of downtown Minneapolis (construction and overhead walkways for frigid Minnesota winters).

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